About  Pro Builders Lonndon Limited

 Pro Builders London Limited is a business created as a Private Development firm that has expanded over recent years into residential and commercial development on behalf of private individuals and organisations.

Pro Builders  London Limited is a design led property development and Investment company.

At Pro Builders  we believe the key to successful development is working closely with our clients offering a unique, bespoke client led service.

Founded by Director Constantin Pantalon in 2008 the company has completed the renovation and development of several properties throughout London, the South East and South West.

With a Design and Engineering Background, we excel in the use of quality materials and utilising space efficiently to create a desirable, unique finished product, which encapsulates all of our clients needs and wants.

Pro Builders London Limited  is a company with a substantial portfolio of properties and a client/supplier base that enables us to offer direct access to materials and services, therefore, allowing large cost savings and the opportunity for the client to maximise their expectations.

Working with:

Iris Construction Projects Limited

Homes 4you Maintenance Esaste Agency